Tampere Camera Fair announces its OPEN CALL for TCF 2018

The famous Tampere Camera Fair continues focusing on film photographing.
The purpose of this event is to introduce possibilities of photographing and different approaches of printing techniques to all lovers of photography, analog to the digital and mixed until to experimental printing methods.
We provide you the most beautiful place in Tampere to exhibit your work and ideas of art with other colleagues and the audience. 
Even though focusing on photography, TCF encourage all lens based artists including filmmakers to participate TCF 2018. 
This venue provides to all those interested in photography and professionals alike the possibility to market their business and o create a new networks.
As previous years, lectures, demonstrations and minor workshops will be held by professionals. 

The theme of the upcoming exhibition is the Arctic and arctic indigenous people.
We are open-minded to all your proposals even though it might not be within the theme but you are willing to exhibit it at TCF 2018.
Time of exhibition: 10. – 30. 9. 2018
Location: Main venue at Lielahti Manor [Lielahden Kartano].
In addition there are a few smaller non-gallery venues providing exhibition space at near Tampere city centre
The deadline for proposal: 15.5.2018
Eligibility: Both professional and amateur artists using photography or lens based art, also work groups may apply
Costs: Free of charge
Contact: tamperecamerafair@outlook.com
Please, email your proposal with the following information:
– Brief description of the idea for your proposed project
– Exact size and number of your work
– Short biography/CV with contact details (email, telephone)

The main venue, castle-like building of Lielahti manor, has numerous rooms providing exhibition spaces with STAS cliprail hanging system. Artists are responsible for installing and dismounting their own works unless another arrangements has been agreed with TCF organizers.
There is no insurance coverage for your work provided by TCF organizers.
Artists are responsible for all fees for for transporting the artwork, insurances during transport and exhibition duration as well as their own travelling costs.
The accepted works should be ready at the venue before 9.9.2018 11.00 am.
After exhibition the works should be taken away as soon as possible but at least within a week.
For further information please contact: tamperecamerafair@outlook.com

Tapahtuman ja valokuvanäyttelyiden päänäyttämönä toimii Lielahden kartano
Lielahti Manor, Tampere, Finland