Tampere Camera Fair 2017 (English version) [Under construction]

September 11. – 17.09.2017, Tampere, Finland.
Main event and most of exhibits are located in Lielahden kartano (Nottbeck Manor).
Main event and lectures are placed in 15.-17.9.2017 [Friday to Sunday]
The event aims to let young people of the digital era a chance to see and feel film photography, and support the existing analog photography aficionados.
This is a unique opportunity for educational institutions and course providers with photography programmes to showcase their offerings and work, and an opportunity for enthusiasts to expand their contact network to support their beloved hobby.
In addition there will be a lectures and exhibitions, and great opportunities for exchanging ideas and experiences.
All of you interested in photography, from beginners to die-hard professionals, you are welcome to experience a unique autumn week/weekend in Tampere, Finland.

The event is not a commercial (non-profit organization), so access fees will not be charged in events, workshops or lectures.

Event organizer:
Tampere Camera Fair Ry
”Anonymous film photographers”-group
LFGF (Large Format Gathering Finland) -group

Main supporter and  ”sponsor”:
Pyynikintori 8, 33230 TAMPERE, Finland

P: +358 10 2311 777

Tapahtuman ja valokuvanäyttelyiden päänäyttämönä toimii Lielahden kartano
Tapahtuman ja valokuvanäyttelyiden päänäyttämönä toimii Lielahden kartano