Lecture of ”The Platinum Print” by Curt Richter @ TCF 2017

Saturday 16.9. at 1PM @ Lielahti Mansion

”The Platinum Print”
The Platinum Print In the billions of years a star exists the highest element formed is iron.
In the seven seconds a star explodes into a super nova all the higher elements are created, uranium, cobalt, xenon, iridium and gold.
Of all the noble metals platinum is supreme. Platinum is the most stable metal in the universe and one of the rarest found in the Earth’s crust.
When combined with sodium chloride it forms platinum salts. This compound is water soluble and can oxidize.
With the addition of ferric oxalate it becomes sensitive to ultra violet light and practical for photography.
Platinum prints are as elegant as they are permanent.
The process has an extended tonal range and deeper blacks compared to other photographic prints.
One of the most distinctive qualities of a platinum print is that the image is in the paper, not on its surface, much like the ink in a lithograph or an etching.
This is due to the emulsion being absorbed, becoming involved with the paper’s fibers.
Other 19th century processes also offered this but none approaches the subtle tonal range or the depth of blacks of a platinum print.
It is the most archival photographic printing in existence.
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Curt Richter
Curt Richter